Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Try to Remember the Kind of September..."

I remember reading way back when about a survey that found that most of the respondents consider the season that follows the one they were born in as their favorite of the year.  This even applied to people who weren't sure what season it was in which they were born.  Now this aptly applies to me since as a "babe of summer" my favorite season is autumn.

With the first of September, we have now entered into that third of the year that I like the most.  Some folks refer to these months as the "Ber's" because of the last three letters in each of their names - Septem-ber, Octo-ber, Novem-ber, and Decem-ber - and because the weather begins to become cooler leading a lot of people to exclaim in a shivering fit, "Bur-r-r!"  To me it just means more fun.

Even when I was a youngster and September meant going back to school (an undeserved punishment I considered worse than death) I found I could tolerate my teachers attempts to squelch my natural curiosity a little more now than at other times of the year.  These four months have all the really neat holidays and special events that I would look forward to, and some of my teachers would actually try to teach lessons based on the themes of these unique times.

September has Labor Day (the unofficial end of summer, my least favorite season), the NFL, and the new fall schedule on television.  October has Fire Prevention Week, Columbus Day, Homecomings, and, of course, Halloween.  November has Veterans' Day and Thanksgiving, which is the kick-off point for that whole season of hype leading up to Christmas and New Year's Eve in December.

Many people refer to the first of September (or the day after Labor Day) as the beginning of autumn but that doesn't officially happen till the Autumnal Equinox around the 22nd.  And many others refer to autumn as the "Fall," but these are actually two different things.  The "Fall" is the name for the annual color-changing aspect of the leaves of deciduous trees that eventually detach and - wait for it - fall.  In the more northern and cooler regions of America, like where I spent my formative years (that time between one and seven years of age where we first start to form our first theories on how the world works), the Fall is nearly simultaneous with the equinox, but in places like Texas, the Fall doesn't begin in earnest till late October/early November.

Probably the main reason that I had such a problem with the tropical places that my family lived while I was growing up was because there was no changing of the seasons, particularly without anything resembling autumn.  And if one has seasonal allergies associated with summer, guess when you suffer from them when you live in a place where it is summer all year round?  If you answered with anything that is near "24/7/365," then you may move yourself to the head of the class.

This September is turning out to be a little different.  We are being inundated with reports of "wars and rumors of wars."  The usual gang of suspects are touting out the old excuses for going to war, once again, against an "enemy" that has caused no harm to America or the American people, once again.  With the economy in shambles, the unemployment rate going through the roof, discontent with the government at all time high, and the American people preparing to war with each other, our benevolent government officials have created another target for "We the People" to vent our anger upon.

But I will not let these reports dampen my spirit for I have learned to plan, and prepare, for tomorrow, but to live for today.  I have learned to control that which I can and to adjust to those actions of others that I cannot.  These sinister people are going to do some miserably stupid things, but we shouldn't allow that to make us miserable.  Do what you peacefully and honestly can where you are to make life better for you and yours, and then out of your surplus, strive to help others do the same.  If we all implement this program, we all might make it through this "Winter of Our Discontent..."  

Remember, September is "National Preparedness Month!"


  1. Havent seen you write here in a while.Hope you are well and had a blessed Thanksgiving.

    Robert (qslv)

    1. We're doing okay. Thanks for asking. It's our youngest son's homeschool year and I'm the head instructor, so I'm kept pretty busy. The holiday break is coming up so I might have time to write things then. May you and yours have a Joyous Yuletide...