Sunday, January 1, 2012

The "Great Correction," The "Great Recession," The "Greater Depression" and Coming Soon: "The Great Disruption"

f you have visited any of those locations where wildlife is still allowed to roam freely, you may have noticed those signs that warn you to please NOT feed the animals. There is a reason for this beyond some busybody wanting to interfere with your chance to commune with nature. Animals tend to become habitual freeloaders and can become violent when they believe someone is trying to block their free lunch.

There are those who object to such an analogy being applied to human beings whereas to them, "Humans are not animals and it is degrading to suggest they are!" Those of us who prefer to deal with reality as it presents itself to us will politely point out that humans are primates and primates are part of the animal kingdom. Yes, even humans can react violently to those they perceive are interfering with their "free lunch."

Now the U.S. is currently going through several historical phases that it has experienced before but not necessarily endured at this magnitude of adversity. We've recently had the "Great Correction" which was not allowed by the U.S. governments to correct itself naturally so the "Great Recession" then developed. Historians and economists in the future will probably look back on this time period and label it the "Greater Depression," if there are persons who are permitted to enter those professions as the years go by. I would like to take this opportunity to warn you of the "Great Disruption" that is coming soon to not only the U.S. but the rest of the developed world that is controlled by some form of government.

Today there are millions of Americans dependent on the governments of the U.S. for their very sustenance and continued survival. Wealth redistribution programs like food stamps, welfare, and unemployment, and contractual obligations like retiree pensions, veteran programs, and social security/disability payments, are bleeding the governments' financial reserves dry. And since we know the government creates no wealth but only steals it from those who rightfully own it, then the People's capital as well is being destroyed.

Then there are those who receive their medical care indirectly, through programs like Medicare and Medicaid that make payments from the governments to their healthcare providers, and those who receive care directly through government hospitals and clinics like the military and VA facilities. The truly frightening point is that many of these patients are on anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, and other psychogenic medicines that one has to be weaned off slowly to prevent a psychotic breakdown that would occur if one was forced to go "cold turkey."

The governments of the U.S., and the rest of the world for that matter, have overextended themselves into debt and have made promises to the People that they can never be expected to keep. A day will come, that like battlefield triage, a prioritization will have to occur to determine who will get what of what little resources remain and everybody better believe "We the People" will be low on the totem pole of payoffs. Which also means all those who are expecting their promised checks will have to go "cold turkey."

Imagine a "Zombie Apocalypse" movie plot where some really smart scientist has invented a ultra-sonic transmitter that is heard only by all the zombies and it pacifies them into a state of suspended animation. They are still there, drooling uncontrollably while decomposing softly to the music only they can hear, but they have all stopped moving and none are chasing after the living. Then consider what would happen if some nimrod sweeping the floor in the transmitter room accidentally unplugs the transmitter and all the zombies come awake. That's what we have to look forward to.

With the "Great Disruption" being a logical, if not a realistic, certainty then the next question on everyone's mind is "When will it happen?" Some suggest that it will never happen as those great minds that work for the governments will pull a proverbial rabbit-out-of-a-hat and solve the whole problem. These people suffer from a certain selective amnesia in that they forget it was these great minds that got themselves into this situation in the first place.

Others, suffering from a certain amount of alarmist paranoia tell us that it will happen tomorrow. Of course it could happen tomorrow but these people said the same thing about the day before yesterday. We must sort through it all with a finely tuned grain of salt and with that I will venture out to make my own guess of the timing of all this (please don't hold me to it as I am only human and I don't have the gift of prophecy or any inside information from any government agency). I do hinge my timeline on the outcomes of certain political races as they have the key to slow the rate of deterioration but not stop it entirely.

If there is a legitimate regime change in 2013, such as if Ron Paul or another libertarian-minded candidate should be elected President along with a libertarian majority in the Congress, then this catastrophe could be held up till 2021, which gives the more prudent among us the time to prepare to survive it. It can not be stopped because there are too many powerful people who make large profits off of the decline of the U.S. and they will do everything in their considerable power to thwart a single man like Ron Paul at every turn, possibly including turning him into the next martyr for the cause of liberty like "John, Bobby, and Martin."

If there is regime change in appearances only, such as one of the top-tier Republican candidates besides Ron Paul wins the election, the downhill slide will continue but at the slower "G.W." pace (which is not that slow) instead of the Obama lightspeed pace. This might stretch things out to 2017 which still leaves some time to get ready for it.

If Obama is re-elected, then he will take this as an affirmation of his current destructive policies and will proceed at multi-warp speed driving the U.S. economy over the cliff. If this should happen I propose that the "Great Disruption" could occur as early as the last day of "Black History Month" in 2013 (which happens to be the shortest month of the year). If one wants to prepare, time is getting shorter by the second squared.

When contemplating such scenarios, I am reminded of two old adages. The first is:

"Prepare for the worst and hope for the best..."

This usually includes the modern addendum:

"...And learn to be happy with something in between."

The next comes to us in Latin:

"Si vis pacem para bellum"

Which best translates as:

"If you want peace, (be) prepare(d) for war."

We can all be assured that this what the U.S. governments are planning and preparing for. Only now We the People are both the victims and the enemy.

Happy New Year everyone and I hope to see you all on the other side...


  1. Thanks OGG. FWIW, I'm thinking Obama will get re-elected. Guess it's time to ramp up the plans. Lovely...

  2. I also think he'll be elected. He might have a different face and a different last name and a get the idea. Something about a variety of toilets and the substance that goes into them comes to mind...

  3. Very concise and informative, thanks. Scary but exactly what I've come to see as inevitable. Will you write an article on exactly how the collapse of the Euro will affect the average American?

  4. Though my field of study is Criminology and not International Finances, give me some time to research the subject and I'll whip something together with my usual caustic form of humor...


  5. Good article. Sad thing is, it's all going to happen. That is the heartbreaking part.

  6. From Robert(qslv) May 2, 2013

    Update: The zombie apocalypse began in Europe around the end of "March Madness" and "Women's Hysteri Month" oops... Hasen't arrived on our shores yet. Coming soon to a town near you.

    1. I've got my Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit ready. Do you?

    2. From Robert(qslv) June 18, 2014

      Wow, another year rolls by and the great disruption spreads to Libya, Egypt, Syria, Central Africa, Ukraine and a few places I've missed. Coming to a town near you. Visited my "Camp Last Stand" in October and got everything battened down and ship-shape. Now we watch and wait.......

    3. "Camp Last Stand(?!?)"

      You do remember what happened to Custer?;)

      I've heard others refer to theirs as the Alamo, but I then have to remind them that was one of the few movies where John Wayne's character died.

      We just call ours "The Ark." Myth, legend, or true history, that story had a better ending...